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Swift + Python iOS + BACKEND 2017 - Present DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

• StatGeek uses artificial intelligence to change the way you watch basketball.

• StatGeek provides the easiest way to get live scores and stats from NBA games across the league.

• Simply send a question like you would to a friend and watch StatGeek intelligently reply.


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Objective-C + Swift iOS 2015 - 2019 DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

Shipments is a smart package tracker which supports over 440 carriers from around the world. Shipments makes it easy to keep track of all your packages in one spot and notifies you as soon as new updates become available on your packages.

  • 440 Supported Carriers
  • Push & Email Notifications
  • Today Widget
  • Carrier Auto-Detect & Label Scanning
  • In-depth Shipment Timeline & Details
  • Shipment Archive
  • Clipboard Detection
  • Localized for 10 Languages


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Swift + Objective-C iOS 2017 - Present DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

VHS Camcorder lets users bring their home videos back to the 80's with several VHS style presets.

  • Share your cam footage straight to your camera roll for easy sharing
  • Turn on the flash light when you're chasing ghosts in the dark
  • Take an 80's style selfie video with the front facing camera
  • Choose between 4 handcrafted 80's filters to give your video the perfect vibe
  • Edit the date to fake some footage to send to your annoying co-worker
  • Absolutely no ads

UofU Shuttle Tracker

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Swift + Objective-C iOS 2014 - 2017 DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

In response to the lacking presence of a native iOS application for the University of Utah's shuttle system. I developed a high quality application to provide detailed real time information to students, staff, and visitors across the University of Utah campus.

The University of Utah Shuttle Tracker allows users to cater their experience to their liking, some users may prefer to view an entire shuttle route, while some may prefer to get all information on a particular stop. The application allows users to get detailed estimates based on a route or stop, through a beautiful user interface.

Over 900 Utes use this app everday during the semester.

Shutter Stop

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Objective-C iOS 2015 - 2016 DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

Capture long exposure photos easily with the use of Shutter Stop! Shutter Stop brings new life into your device's toolbox, with Shutter Stop you can capture DSLR long exposure photographs. We have the latest in image processing technology built in 2015, Shutter Stop produces the best long exposure images out of any app on the iOS App Store. Shutter Stop also has low light adjustment built right into it!

Gallery Cleaner

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Swift iOS 2015 - 2016 DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

Gallery Cleaner is the easiest way to manage your thousands of photos. Photos and videos take up nearly half of the disk space on your iOS device. Gallery Cleaner is here to help you remove the junk and unwanted images from your camera roll.

Gallery Cleaner is the fastest and safest way to free up space on your iOS device. Swipe left or right to decide which images stay and which get deleted. Gallery Cleaner keeps you up to date displaying the amount of space you are about to free up.



LiftOff acts as a local music stream for your area by showing the most recently shared songs from other users near you. It allows anyone to connect and share what music they listen to most, LiftOff is the most dynamic and unique music discovery tool in the world.

Business Card Scanner

Objective-C++ iOS 2014 DESIGN + DEVELOPMENT

BCR is the first app I developed during high school. It allows users to scan a picture of a business card and have the contact information automatically extracted into a contact in their phone. It utilizes the OpenCV Computer Vision framework to perform image processing. Tesseract is applied for OCR to extract text information from the image.